Sugar Lips

[Pictures: Jaina Kumar Photography]
[Neon skirt and Earrings: Zara, Vest and Clutch: Forever 21, Shoes and Sweater: Hill Road, Scarf: Swarovski]
Saying goodbye to another fabulous fashion week and reminiscing about why I loved this season so much. Yes, that would be all the drama. Definitely, the drama. Especially, the sort that emerges from conversations at the front rows. So without further ado, let’s take a detour of all things funny.

“Don’t talk about karma! Fashion week comes with a license to be mean.”

“The theme of her collection should have been wedding cake couture.”

“This would be like so chic. If you know, we were in Ludhiana.”

“Fur on kaftans? Are her designs suffering from schizophrenia?”

“Styling celebrities can be such a pain! Their idea of dressing for an event is wearing everything in their closet. At once.”

“She is the like poster girl for aunty fashion.”

“I got lots of work done.” “I never thought I’d hear those words from anyone!”

“Did you say polygamy? I’d like to introduce you to the model standing right there.”

“We can’t go to the other side. It’s a no instagram zone!”
And finally

“Comfortable shoes? What is this magical world you’re talking about?
[Before you go, Front Row wants to remind you of all the drama from the last season!]
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