Now, send ashes of loved ones to space for $1,995

Washington, August 12: A new San Francisco-based startup, launched by a former NASA engineer, is offering to send the cremated remains of a loved one into space.

Thomas Civeit, who worked on NASA mission with the Hubble Space Telescope, founded the company, called Elysium Space.

The firm allows clients to place a portion of the deceased person’s ashes in a special capsule that is then sent into orbit via an Elysium spacecraft for a “Memorial Spaceflight”, the ABC News reported.

Moreover, people can “view” the remains, even after the capsule is sent into space, by following the rocket’s progress through a specially designed app.

After a few months, when the rocket renters the earth’s atmosphere it burns up.

The Elysium flight, which can be booked online, is believed to be one of the cheapest space flights available, costing just 1,995 dollars. (ANI)



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