Manjari Sharma


Manjari Sharma’s work is a painstakingly detailed recreation of the ubiquitous imagery we’ve seen growing up in India. Her new series of photographs titled ‘ Darshan‘ – refering to the viewing of the idols or representations of the Hindu dieties in temples, is a photographic installation of nine mythological Hindu gods and goddesses. The imagery is ingrained into my head, her interpretation is a fresh take on something that I’ve seen countless times.

Her words on Darshan, ” Sometimes belonging to a complex and rich heritage is so overwhelming that you have to go far away to fall in love again”

A real Darshan changes you forever. The sounds, sights, smells and visuals of a Darshan are very particular and you take them for granted as a teenager growing up in India. Try Ignoring them for a bit… and they return to you subconsciously making you long for what feels like a distant reverie”

Explore her work here.

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