How to enjoy satire!

“What’s the quickest way to town?”
“Are you walking or driving?”
“That’s the quickest way.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry is considering calling a
special session of the legislature to aid enticing
businesses to move to Texas by repealing Ohm’s law.
Texas political analysts predict it will pass with
very little resistance. (Stan Kegel)

“You’re back early. I thought you went to the
“I did.”
“But you told me you were broke.”
“I am. I just made mental bets.”
“How did you do?”
“I lost my mind.”(Shoe: Cassett & Brookins)

Blonde 911 caller: “My water broke!”
“Stay calm. Now, how far apart are your contractions?”
“No contractions, but my basement is flooding fast!”

A botanist working in South America claims to have
discovered a nomadic tree. It just packs up its
trunk and leaves.

The minister glanced at the note that Mrs. Jones had
sent to him via an usher. The note read, “Bill Jones
having gone to sea, his wife desires the prayers of
the congregation for his safety.”

Failing to observe the punctuation, he startled his
audience by announcing, “Bill Jones, having gone to
see his wife, desires the prayers of the congregation
for his safety.”

A blonde walks into a donut shop. “Excuse me, miss.
How many cups of coffee will this Thermos hold?”
“I think it’s a five cup Thermos.”
“Great! Give me two black and three cream and sugar.”

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